Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go Green!

Go green and give new life to an outdated jacket!  I have been wanting a green jacket for a long time and luckily I found this green jacket at the local Goodwill.  I haven't had time to try this jacket on and pose for pictures, so I figured, Catarina (my dress form) could double for me this week.  I've been so busy working (more than I wanted too!)  I hope she doesn't steal the spot light!

This is the jacket, after I refashioned it, I shortened the sleeves so that I am able to push them up, this is hard to do since Catarina has no arms!  I also shortened the length to fit around the waist.  Worn with this jacket is a  knit top I made using a Sorbetto
 pattern, as you know I've  gone knit crazy this summer!

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