Sunday, December 2, 2012

Self- drafted tee - final results & new pants

This is the final result of the self drafted t-shirt pattern, after altering 3 patterns, I decided I would go with a v-neck, instead of a scoop neck, I like v-neck's better anyway.  Well, the first pattern I drafted the armholes were too big, and its was too snug for me.  The second pattern I drafted was a still too big in the armhole and not as fitted as I like.  Well, I drafted the third pattern and it was smaller in the armhole and back to being too snug! UGH!  I will eventually get it right, because I'm not giving up until I do!  But I do like the v-neck, although it isn't exactly centered, you can't really tell unless you look real close.
 On  the bright side, I bought this denim looking knit that I intended on making jeggings, well....let's just say,jeggings are not for me, it's a good thing I thought this over before actually making them.  But I did find this cute pattern, I especially like the detail around the knee  - two pleats in the front and a seam in the back of the knee, it includes two back pockets and a yoke in the back and the best part.... elastic waist ....right up my alley!!  Because the knit is so thin, I decided I would underline them and give some weight.  I'm glad I did, I think it made all the difference in the world.  And they're so comfy!