Friday, September 16, 2011

New Roman Shades

I have been  tempted to make some roman shades for a few years now.  I happened to be at Hancock Fabrics and noticed some drapery fabric on sale for $2 a yard, I couldn't pass it up, and it just so happened to match my bedroom colors... what luck!  I wasn't sure how much I needed, since I hadn't measured my windows, so I bought what they had left!  I didn't have enough to line the back with the same fabric so I recycled some micro suede curtains and lined the back of my roman shades.

This is my first attempt at making roman shades
 and I didn't read all the instructions thoroughly before I started... I tend to do that a lot!   I kinda wing it as I go.  There's a lot to be said for that... first of all you don't forget your mistakes and sometimes you come up with short cuts, but most of the time you wish you would have read things thoroughly before you got started!  Anyway, I have some adjustments to make if I ever make another set, all in all, I don't think they turned out bad.

I know, I probably should have taken a picture of the back, while I still had it on the table stringing the cording through, but I didn't think about it, by that time I was in such a hurry to get them up I couldn't think of anything else, but I hope you get the idea.


  1. look so simple and easy to install....brilliant.
    Roman shades concord, ca

    1. Yes, they were really simple and easy to install, I should make a pair for every window in the house!