Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to hem up jeans

Do you have trouble finding jeans that fit?  When you do find a pair that fits, they're usually too long and the ones that are the right length, don't fit around the hips.  Well, you can still buy that perfect pair that fits and hem them up and no one will ever know they were hemmed up. First, you 'll have to try on the jeans and fold up one pant leg, the  length you want it, pin it up, (you might want to use a zipper foot for the next step), sew along the original hem, as close as you can get, a zipper foot will get close to the hem.  A jean-a -ma-jig will work wonders on the bulky seams, but its not necessary to have.  Cut the excess fabric and iron the pant leg. Simple as that!

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