Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post Mark Dress

Does it seems like I've got a theme going here? First, there was the Lost letters dress, now the Post Mark Dress, what next?  Well I promise, no more theme dresses!  Not for awhile anyway.
 I just love this fabric, I couldn't tell you why, it's 100% cotton, I tend to go with the cotton, I think it's more of a casual look.  Anyway, I always thought, yellow wasn't my color, I still think that, but I made an exception, this pattern comes with a unlined short sleeved jacket I could always do a different color, there are so many colors in this dress I am having trouble deciding what color to make the jacket, got any suggestions?
 I used See&Sew B5699, it was fairly easy, my only complain is that I had trouble when it came time to attach the skirt to the bodice, for some reason the sides stuck out, I had to take it in more so they wouldn't come to a point.


  1. Love this dress, looks great on you!

  2. Jamie, that is adorable on you! Your complaint about the sides might be due to a drafting issue? Finally, this shade of yellow looks good!

    1. Thank you, I think you're right about the drafting issue, just glad it wasn't that hard to fix.