Saturday, January 14, 2012


I bought this pattern (B5267) a couple of years ago when I had given up on sewing clothes because I couldn't figure out my size. So when my daughter asked me to make her a tote, I had just the pattern for it.  I made view C and then I decided it didn't have enough pockets so  I added pockets from view C as well.  I used an upholstery fabric I had in my stash, but I didn't have anything for the lining, so I took the fabric and turned it inside out, I  didn't use interfacing because I figured the upholstery fabric was stiff enough that I wouldn't need it, also I thought it would be difficult turning it, if it was too stiff.  I don't know what I used for the pockets and handles, it was some remnant from another project.  It looks like some type of leather/suede synthetic material, anyway it worked.

                                                                    Front of tote

                           Yes I know, this pocket does look like its off a little,
                            I took it took it off three times, and this is the best I could
                           do, its the back of the tote, so no one will notice it, I hope!

                           Inside pocket, see how you can hardly tell this is one
                           wrong side of the fabric?

                             Just to give you an idea of how big this tote is, I put it
                             on my mannequin, it measure 15 x 13 x 5,  I thought it
                             was quite large, but she asked for a big one, I hope she
                             likes it.