Sunday, December 2, 2012

Self- drafted tee - final results & new pants

This is the final result of the self drafted t-shirt pattern, after altering 3 patterns, I decided I would go with a v-neck, instead of a scoop neck, I like v-neck's better anyway.  Well, the first pattern I drafted the armholes were too big, and its was too snug for me.  The second pattern I drafted was a still too big in the armhole and not as fitted as I like.  Well, I drafted the third pattern and it was smaller in the armhole and back to being too snug! UGH!  I will eventually get it right, because I'm not giving up until I do!  But I do like the v-neck, although it isn't exactly centered, you can't really tell unless you look real close.
 On  the bright side, I bought this denim looking knit that I intended on making jeggings, well....let's just say,jeggings are not for me, it's a good thing I thought this over before actually making them.  But I did find this cute pattern, I especially like the detail around the knee  - two pleats in the front and a seam in the back of the knee, it includes two back pockets and a yoke in the back and the best part.... elastic waist ....right up my alley!!  Because the knit is so thin, I decided I would underline them and give some weight.  I'm glad I did, I think it made all the difference in the world.  And they're so comfy!


  1. I think the t shirt looks great on you! Funny, I used the same pattern on both my ts and the fabric behaved so differently on each one. One was sort of loose because the fabric was really stretchy and one was really tight. And the jeggings look pretty good too. I suppose you could take them in a little. They do look a tiny bit loose on you. I like the knee detail.

    1. Took your advice and took them in just a little, they look and feel much better.