Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dog bone dress

When I bought this fabric, I didn't set out to make a dress out of it, I just liked it, or maybe I liked the fact that it was on clearance, any way you couldn't beat the price.  It's 100% cotton with tiny dog bones print, they're hardly noticeable.
I didn't like the style if the dress I made last week, even though I liked the dress itself, I didn't like it on me. So for this week I went with Simplicity 2424, it's a very simple dress with a 22" zipper and big belt loops on the sides, it's meant to be worn with a belt and cardigan.  I didn't make a cardigan to wear with it, maybe later I'll find some fabric that goes well with it.  I also didn't  make a belt for it, I did try on a belt, but I didn't think it looked good on me, belt for me.  I must say, I do like this style better, its more of a casual dress or maybe its the print  that makes me think that, anyway I  think it fits me better and better suited for my body.  But enough of that, I'll let you be the judge.


  1. Hi Jamie, I'm catching up on my blog reading and just spent a marvelous time comparing your 2 dresses. Both are really nice, and the fabric prints are good choices. I like both of them, but I see why the second is a fave. The shift silhouette is nice, and goes well with those cute dog bones :-) I think the neckline on the first dress looks difficult!

    1. Thank you, the neckline really wasn't difficult at all, it just involves a lot of hand sewing for the interfacing, I think it would have looked nice with an invisible zipper, but I wasn't about to go there again!!

  2. I think this dress is a nice everyday dress but I likelast weeks more because I think it looks more stylish on you and flatters your figure by cinching the waist and torso.

  3. It's always nice to get feedback, its gives you an insight through someone's else's eyes, I tend to be to critical of myself, thanks for commenting.

  4. you did a great job with the dress, the fit is perfect for you. Good choice of fabric, the done bone print is too cute.