Monday, July 29, 2013

Burlap covered project

I've been MIA from the blogging world for  awhile.  I took a short vacation, (they're never long enough) and and I've been busy trying to talk my husband into helping me with a project I wanted done.  Finally, I got him to do it.  After replacing our mattress, we found ourselves with an extra mattress that could still be used.  Instead of buying a box spring and frame, I wanted to try something  I'd seen on several blogs lately.  I took down all the instructions for building a bed frame and off to the lumbar yard we went.

 He used 4 x 4's for the corner posts and cut them  to size and painted them black,, he then added wheels, so I could easily move it around by myself  ( I know how he thinks, he doesn't want to be bothered).

                                          He cut the 2 x 6's to fit a queen size mattress

                            He secured the corners with a corner bracket and attached the posts

I didn't take a picture of  him attaching the corner posts because I actually had to help him with the process,  but he basically drilled a hole through 2x6 and counter sunk the screw.

I also had to help him attach the brackets for the 2x4's that we used as slats, then you lay OSB over the 2x4 (this is optional), and you're done.

Well... almost.  I covered the 2 x 6's with burlap, then I added the mattress and matching comforter.
I'm still debating what to do for a headboard, I'm thinking of covering something in pleather or micro suede and hanging it or attaching it to the bed frame.

                                               But for now this is will have to do!